Jet Danger Records

Fejj - Alive at the Keystone Korner

Recorded September 24, 1979 live at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco


Steve Bartek - Guitar

Jim Cox - Keyboards

Dave Crigger - Drums

J Donley - Trumpet

John Patitucci - Bass

Tom Ranier - Saxophone, Oberheim

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Bill Baker ©1980 Bakery Music (bmi)

This.mp3 6.2mb


John Patitucci ©1980 Agape Music (bmi)

Family.mp3 5.5mb

Easy Living

Leo Robin/Ralph Rainger ©1937 Famous Music Corp (ascap)

EasyLiving.mp3 7.0mb

Nothing To Feel

Steve Bartek ©1980 Lifeguard Music (bmi)

NothingToFeel.mp3 4.6mb

No Reservations

Tom Ranier ©1980 Ranier Publications (ascap)

NoReservations.mp3 5.9mb


Mike Abene ©1979 Giggles Music Inc (bmi)

Quint.mp3 7.2mb

Seven Steps To Heaven

Victor Feldman/Miles Davis ©1963 Music Frontiers Publishing Co (bmi)

SevenStepsToHeaven.mp3 4.6mb