Jet Danger Records

Fejj - Live at the White House

Recorded May 19 through May 21, 1977 live at the White House in Laguna Beach


Jay Anderson - Bass

Lory Cole - Trombone, Vocal

Jim Cox - Keyboards, Synthesizer

Dave Crigger - Drums

J Donley - Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Tom Ranier - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Flute

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What I Say

Composer: M Davis; Arranger: J Donley


Love Castle

Composer: C Corea; Arranger: D Elliot



Composer: C Mangione; Arranger: J Donley


Go Ahead John Shuffle

Composer: M Davis; Arranger: C Pallett, J Donley


Little Sunflower

Composer: F Hubbard; Arranger: J Donley


What Game Shall We Play Today

Composer: C Corea; Arranger: C Pallett


In A Silent Way/It's About That Time (a)

Composer: Zawinul/Davis; Arranger: C Pallett, J Donley



Composer: D Grolnick; Arranger: D Elliot


Cleared for Takeoff

Composer: J Daugherty; Arranger: L Cole

(a) Thursday May 19, 1977
(all others) Saturday May 21, 1977

Recording 1977, Post Production 2011

Analog Recording

Thursday May 19 through Saturday May 21, 1977.

From PA system


Sony Stereo Cassette Recorder TC-158SD, 20-16,000Hz frequency response, with Dolby off.


Maxell UD XLII Hi-Bias cassette tape.

Taped 43 takes of 15 tunes onto 7 master cassette tapes.

Digital Mastering

January 31 through February 17, 2011.

Sony Cassette Deck TC-KE500S, 50-18,000Hz frequency response, with Dolby off, playback through Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver RX-797.


Mac G5 analog audio-in captured by Audio Hijack Pro v2.9.9. File format AIFF, 16-bit, sample rate 44,100 kHz, stereo, high quality, high VBR quality. Used no effects, used no equalization, recorded with peak levels always at or below 0 dB. Mac G5 analog input levels set to 52%.


Aiff files for 15 tunes using Fission v1.6.10. Minor post-production work: fade-in, fade-out, minor edits, brought up levels to the same threshold on all tunes.

Created Audio CDs

Aiff to CD: Toast Titanium v10.0.6 to create 3 audio CDs from the set of 15 (tunes) digital masters. Same method to create 3 CDs with 11 tunes; a selected program.

Brought down the aiff files to mp3 files for alternative distribution/use.